Just like a physical disease like cancer, a psychological disorder can hit anyone at any time in their life,
regardless of how wealthy, happy, or well-adjusted they are. It's the luck of the draw - just like many things in life.

As we know, there's a great deal of stigma attached to counseling for psychological disorders - or psychological
disorders in general! Mental illnesses are often embarrassing - few people are thrilled to tell their friends and
family they're seeing a "shrink"!

It's also painful to delve into the depths of your soul or apply cognitive behavioral theories to your life, even if the
psychological disorder can be overcome this way.

Finally, counseling for psychological disorders can be expensive; not many insurance providers cover the cost
easily. Overcoming the hurdles of seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist can be extremely valuable to your whole
self - not just your mind and emotions, or the psychological disorder.

Fortunately your physical health is intricately connected to your mind and soul, so dealing with one aspect of your
self invariably boosts other parts. And it's exactly the point where acupuncture and alternative medicine methods
can be very helpfull.

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