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7 Fast Ways to Stop a Headache without Drugs.
by Christina Prieto, AP ( detailed info you can find here 7 ways to stop headache without drugs )

Headaches are one of the most frequently occurring ailments, even more so than the common cold. There are many different
causes for this type of pain including stress and tension, food and environmental allergies, sinus inflammation, low blood sugar,
hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, constipation, aspartame, and caffeine, among others. According to Chinese theory, a
headache can be the result of an invasion of external pathogens (wind, heat, dampness), internal disruptions (excesses,
deficiencies, stagnation), or blockages in any of the 7 meridians that meet in the head. Conventional treatment consists of drugs,
such as, addictive painkillers, sedatives,  and antidepressants. These are associated with a laundry list of side effects and do not
target the root cause. The following techniques are all natural and drug free ways to relieve and eliminate a headache. If your
headaches or migraines occur regularly, please seek additional medical care from a natural healthcare practitioner.

1. Acupressure
7. Ayurvedic Remedy
6. Make sure your next meal contains magnesium rich foods
5. Enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea
4. Breath and Imagery
3. Hydrotherapy
2. Aromatherapy
If you have  a chronic headache for a very long time and all your
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Stop a Headache without a drugs.
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