Is My Headache a Migraine?

Migraines are often a result of reduced energy and or blood flow causing pain to one or both sides of the
head. The reduced blood flow to the brain causes tension and lack of oxygen to the brain. Many migraines
start as tension headaches, and grow stronger until they are full-blown migraines.

Acupuncture treats migraines by relieving the tension. This is done by maximizing the blood flow to the
brain and giving the brain the oxygen needed. During a 15 minutes as seen in numerous treatments the
blood vessels will constrict back to their normal size, ending the migraine headache.

Basically acupuncture approaches migraines by reducing vasodilatation, which is where the blood vessels
from the brain widen due to the relaxation of the smooth muscles within the vessels wall; since there is now
more room for blood your blood pressure drops. The reduction of the vasodilatation gives the brain more
blood, which is what the brain needs.

Getting acupuncture to treat your migraine or tension headaches is a safe natural way to heal your body.
The fine, painless needles Dr. Maya Alishayeva uses will rid you of the pain and prevent further damage to
be done to your body with the use of organic supplements.

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