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Doctor Maya Alishayeva
MS, Dipl. AC., L.AC
National Board Certified Acupuncturist

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We can significantly increase your chances of conception if your infertility is due to:

•   Amenorrhea
•   Endometriosis
•   Irregular and Annovulatory Menstrual Cycles
•   Luteal Phase Defect LPD
•   Pelvic Inflammatory Disease PID
•   Premature Ovarian Failure POF
•   Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS
•   Stress
•   Poor Egg Quality
•   Thin and Unresponsive Endometrium
•   Cervical / Uterine Factors
•   Immunological Factors
•   Fallopian Tube Factors
•   Ovulation Factors

Acupuncture is able to increase the chances of pregnancy through natural
conception, IVF, IUI, and other ARTs because it has been clinically shown to:

•   Regulate and stabilize hormone levels
•   Help produce more follicles
•   Increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries by lowering impedence
•   Thicken the endometrial lining
•   Reduce the chance of miscarriage
•   Strengthen the immune system and the overall health of the body
•   Reduce stress
•   Absorb nutrients and maintain ideal weight
•   Faciliate relaxation
•   Improve the quality of sleep
•   Have NO side effects - does not introduce toxicity to you and your baby