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Doctor Maya Alishayeva
MS, Dipl. AC., L.AC
National Board Certified Acupuncturist

718 897-0781,  646 327-7267
Maya Alishayeva. Feel Good Acupuncture. Queens, NY
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From weight loss to fine lines to headaches, acupuncture can help with pretty much any of your issues.

And acupuncturists don’t get much better than Dr. Maya that combines extended acupuncture
knowledge and practice in the field with knowledge of nutritional supplements by Standard Process  
and Chinese herbs. You can experience her expertise for themselves at Dr. Maya offices in
Manhattan or the Queens.

Two sessions of acupuncture for your body can help with anything from infertility issues to seasonal
allergies, digestive disorders, back pain and toothaches. Say bye-bye to fine lines with one session of
cosmetic acupuncture, known as an Facial Rejuvenation.

Still not convinced? You will certainly be sold after just one session of body sculpting, which combines
acupuncture with a nutritional supplement to leave you looking tighter and svelter.

Tone up. Slim down. Shape your body.

Relax.  Feel Good.   Look Great.

Two Acupuncture Sessions  for just $199